I also love breakfast; to the point where I am happy to have breakfast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is not a recipe. It is an ode to brunch.

Since I moved in to my new place I haven’t had the chance to do much exploring, due to the annoying fact that I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing soccer; well I should say practicing, since I tore it before the season even started. I’ve now had the surgery and am getting around a little better but it’s a long and slightly painful process.

Getting back to brunch now.

With the little but of exploring that I have done around my apartment, there’s a coffee shop which I now love, and most people know about.

Beartown! (They have an actual, but not alive, bear, and it’s pretty cute)

It can be pretty hard to get a good vegetarian brunch unless you go to a place that specialises in it, and may I just say the staff at Beartown are damn amazing. The first day I walked in there I was massive hungry and I wanted a Big Breakfast, but obviously I am vegetarian and their standard big brekky had bacon and sausages.

What did they do when I asked for it vegetarian? They asked if Avo and Haloumi would do the trick?!

Are you kidding?! YES YES YES!!! Haloumi is bloody brilliant as is Avo 😀

So this was my ode to my favourite new brunch and brunch place; and may I just say their coffees are great too!

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