Baked potatoes

Who doesn’t love a good potato..right?

[ Wooops, i took a bite out of it before i took a photo 😛 ]

Tonight i was so busy baking i forgot i needed to have dinner, so when my housemate suggested baked potatoes, I was completely on board.

Mind you neither of us had the patience to sit and wait for the oven to do the cooking.

So here’s my shortcut to a good, and quick baked potato, with all the oven-y goodness but in much less time

  1. Grab a potato and wash it
  2. Mark up the potato lengthwise and with a few horizontal cuts
  3. Microwave your potato for about 5-8 minutes on high. This will not only soften the potato but it will make those knife cuts part so you can stuff some deliciousness in there.
  4. Once they’re out of the microwave put in some butter or margarine and chuck em in the oven for about 10 minutes.
  5. Take em out, add some cheese and whatever else you feel like. We felt like a sprinkle of salt, olives, ground pepper and chilli sprinkles and bake for about 5-ish more minutes
  6. Voila! Dinner’s ready 😀


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