Double Choc Macadamia Jam Drops

Given that I couldn’t play soccer this season, because i did the dumb thing of tearing my ACL, I support my team by turning up to as many games as I can, and recently i come with treats :P. Last week it was brownies; this week, it’s a team member request of jam drops, with my own spin on it.

Any good biscuit or cookie usually starts with softened butter and caster sugar and an electric beater (or a really strong set of hands and a damn strong whisk). At the moment I have neither of those two options, so i resorted to a mix. Yes I know, it seems like i love them, but its really not the case, fully furnished rentals don’t come with everything, and I’m not ready to invest in an electric beater just yet.

So i went off on my merry way this morning looking for a cookie mix with as little mixed into it as possible (e.g. a mix where you put the M&M’s on the top). Did i find one? No. They exist, the online store tells me as much, but my local didn’t have it. Sigh.

This is the point where i could have gone, meh, I’ll make what i want to. But I decided to get a choc chip cookie mix with the full intention of sifting out the choc chips and using the mix and making pure jam drops. Then i saw macadamia’s and thought “Oh screw it, lets mix this jam drop up a little”. I had white choc chips and jam at home, so I’d make it work.

So long story short heres what i did:

  • 1 box of choc chip cookie mix
  • your favourite berry jam
  • Macadamia pieces
  • White choc chips
  • Vanilla essence
  • This is where i got a bit cheeky and casually added in some desiccated coconut and a teaspoon full of crushed instant coffee, because who doesn’t like experimenting on their friends?
  • I also added about 3 tbsp of plain flour, but it really depends on the mix you have, if there’s more chunky bits than flour mix you’ll need a little flour
  1. Add the mix into a large bowl
  2. Add macadamia, white choc chips, desiccated coconut and crushed instant coffee powder and give the dry mix a good mix
  3. Add whatever wet ingredients your mix says you need and a little vanilla essence. (In my case it was softened butter folded through with fingers to a nice crumb and milk to make it into an actual dough)
  4. Chill your dough for 15-30 minutes and immediately preheat your oven to 180 degrees
  5. Grab just under a handful of dough and roll it into a ball. Make an indent the size of the tip of your finger in the top and ensure its at least a half cm deep.
  6. On a baking pan lined with baking paper place the moulded ball. Add a half teaspoon of jam into the indent.
  7. bake in the oven for 17 minutes for a crunchy outside and soft inside.

PSA: I literally tasted them 5 minutes out of the oven, and had my housemate test them as well, and if i may so myself they are damn good.

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