Triple Choc Cranberry Brownies

One of my favourite things to bake are brownies, well, these days anyway.

I’ve made them from scratch a couple of times, a standard brownie recipe anywhere on the internet, but when I’m in a pinch and want things to be a little faster I grab the cheapest mix I can find.

Now you’re probably wondering why I use a cheap mix. Short answer, there are ways to make them better, and I’m not going to spend an extra couple of dollars on a brownie mix, that money can go elsewhere (donations, coffee etc;)

My not so secret ingredient is dried cranberries. They add chewiness and acidity, and something that people have given me good feedback on 🙂

So, this time round, when I made brownies, I used a cheap brownie mix. Next time I make them from scratch I’ll post that too.

Followed the procedure on the box, but before adding the butter and the egg, I added some dark choc chip, white choc chips and cranberries.

Now I can see some of you cringing… it’s a pretty ridiculous amount of chocolate, but in my books, you either go hard or go home. Triple choc and cranberries are the way I like my brownies. One small piece and your satisfied, you don’t need more.

Once it’s all mixed together, the butter, eggs, choc chips, cranberries and mix, just follow the instructions on the pack. I like to make sure I have a varied range across my brownie. So, the 35 minutes on the pack was perfect. I had nice crunchy edges and a fudgy centre, so everyone’s needs were met.

Quick note here I really do prefer my brownies with less sugar, the sugar can mask the chocolatey-ness of the chocolate.

Now my mind was racing by this point, so the dark and white choc chips I had before fell prey to a new thought bubble. A hard chocolate top with some “art”.

As the brownies baked I melted the chocolate, slowly but surely, and separately.

Once the brownies were out I started with a thin layer of white chocolate, followed by thing layer of dark; then with the spoon I was using I scooped up some chocolate and used the tip to give the dropping chocolate a nice thin strand to create a little bit of not so brilliant chocolate art on top.

The addition of the hard choc top and the choc chips on the inside gives the brownie some crunch, the cranberries give it some chew and the baking time determines how chewy, dry or crunchy the batter becomes.

Brownies are great, especially for when you need a little chocolate in your life. A small slice provides you with enough chocolate that you don’t need more :D.

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