Quick Mushroom Pizza

Have a crazy, craving for pizza, but don’t want to order from your local pizza place or spend the money?

Now this may be more relatable to vegetarians, especially since frozen veg pizzas and pizzas you order have a very narrow margin when it comes to savings.

If like me you have mushrooms and other pizza vegies usually sitting in your fridge (e.g. eggplant, capsicum, olives) then this craving can be pretty easily fixed.

Go down to your local shops, mine is a Coles and it is literally downstairs from me, so it may be a little easier for me than you. Go to the freezer aisle and find cheap margherita pizza ($3 usually)

Bring it home. Add your mushrooms on top, some herbs, chilli sprinkles, i added a bit of minced garlic and some olive oil to top it off.

Chuck it in the oven for between 10-15 minutes, keeping a close eye on it after the 10 minute mark.

The lovely thing about this is, if you want more toppings on there you can put em on. Yes it takes more time than a phone call to your pizza place. But in all honesty with delivery as well you may shave of 10 minutes. One thing i will guarantee you’ll be shaving off a lot of money on getting that pizza delivered. All up this pizza costs around, or less than $5.

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