Progressive/Wandering Dinners

My sister and I enjoy food. Lots of different types of food. When you’re in a new place with an imposed time limit, or if you have a list of places you’ve wanted to go and you know you won’t get around to them anytime soon these are the type of dinners that satisfy. Another reason to do this is when you’re vegetarian or have other dietary requirements e.g. gluten free etc; some restaurants may have 1-3 options. A progressive dinner gives you the opportunity to try dishes without repetition as you’re sharing them with someone (usually) and thus having a smaller serving and more variety. It also means you try a wide variety of foods from a wide variety of places, and you’ll know where you want to go again. Also if you’re really bad at decisions, these make life a little easier.

The photo is of 2 nights of wandering dinners in South Bank and West End in Brisbane. A mix of Greek, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and well…dessert!

My guide to having a wandering dinner:

  1. Don’t have a specific type of cuisine in mind; I mean if you have cravings, feel free to appease them, but don’t restrict yourself.
  2. Pick a road with lots of restaurants. It gives you one path and a lot of variety
  3. SMALL PORTIONS or SHARING. If you’re going it alone, small portions are the key at every place, otherwise you will fill up very, very fast. The better way to do it is to have a partner in crime (e.g. sibling, partner, spouse, friend) and share one or a few dishes every place you go.
  4. Have a short break between each part of the progression to allow your palette and stomach to settle

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