Herb Gardens

I recently developed the want to have a green thumb. Living with a housemate in an apartment building surrounded by concrete and one gifted orchid just didn’t suit me, coming from a home surrounded by greenery.

I know you’re thinking, this is a food blog, what are you doing posting about gardens! The connection here being herb garden=herbs=can be used in the kitchen.

So I made the decision to go to Bunnings and get some herbs and pots and create a vertical garden.

Originally, when I was planning to post this I had planted sweet leaf basil, thyme, mint and coriander.

Why these four?

Basil – Absolutely love Italian foods and basil just makes dishes so much better. It’s also fairly easy to grow.

Thyme – When we planted thyme at home it grew like a weed! Not only that, it is absolutely amazing in pasta sauces and in cous cous and many other dishes

Mint – great in a lot of Indian dishes including chutney, pulao and yoghurt dishes. Extremely easy to grow!

Coriander – used so much in south Indian cooking and Mexican. I love the taste of it. I know this particular herb has a highly contentious following. It’s either a big yes or a big no! It’s also extremely hard to grow.

The story goes that the basil and mint survived. Half the thyme died and the coriander just passed away within a few days (sighhhh). I didn’t give up, and when I visited a farmers market a week and a half ago I bought myself some dill and a jalapeno plant. So far so good with those two!

Moral of the story being that herbs and well also chillies are great and having a little garden of your own can not only save you a little money, but make your food taste fresher and much more amazing!

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