My story of knitting

Back in April I decided I needed an extra hobby, apart from cooking that would help me explore my own creativity, foster it and help it grow without the effect on other peoples, or my own, health or waistline. I’m not saying that baking or cooking isn’t fun or that its bad, and i certainly don’t love it any less, but it has an impact on ones health, so i took up knitting and crocheting to use some of my creativity elsewhere.

So where did i begin…. my local bargain store where i had walked past yarn, cotton and needles many a time. A week and lots of YouTube videos later I had learnt the basics.

Now, I needed a project. A scarf was always an option but I didn’t have the colours i wanted to make one that i would wear. I soon decided i would kit a baby blanket for my boss who would soon go on maternity leave. While it wasn’t my best job it was a great way to learn, and below in the first finished product.


One of the biggest things i learnt during the process of making my first piece was how incredibly stress relieving knitting was. I could come from work, on edge or unhappy, being knitting and the stress would pass, it was great for my mental health and stress levels and i loved how rewarding it was. i will also say that there was incredible satisfaction in seeing the face of the person I was giving it to!

My next project (featured photo) was another baby blanket, this time without panels. 140 odd stitches across this one was a challenge, but one that was incredible rewarding.

While there isn’t much of a conclusion as i intended to continue kitting, my next project being a black and multi coloured scarf for myself, you;ll see more as i make

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