Crochet Jewelry

with one french knit thrown in, in the pictures above….

Once upon a time i spent hours drawing dresses, shoes, earrings and necklaces as if i was some sort of fashion designer, it was fun, and it was doodling but i never thought it would take me anywhere, and it may not ever, but that little part of me has lived on today as i design and make crochet (and some other types of) jewelry.

You may notice i love circles, i find them incredibly fun to work with, there’s a level of flexibility with what you can do and knowing when to add stitches can… keep you on your toes. I came up with most of these designs drawing inspiration from daily life, things I saw, designs i already had and just giving a new shape or design a go and it became an evolving piece..

All in all these are preliminary designs that I have kept for myself or distributed to friends but i have so many more written down in a sketch book and you’ll start to see me blog about how i came up with them but for now, if you have any interest in purchasing, I can work with your to create what you want at: Ammy makes JEWELRY

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