Ammy makes JEWELRY

Symmetrical, asymmetrical, circles, squares, diamonds and ovals and custom designs. I’ll make you a necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet for a reasonable price. Local (Australia wide) shipping included for small orders.

Tri-circle crochet necklace

Cotton crocheted necklace, can be made in shades of brown, red or purple. With or without bows on request. Handmade.


Bow themed set

Colourful crochet chain with black pendant and bow. 3D black crochet earrings with bows and bracelet. Can be made with or without bows on request. 18.00 for whole set. Please contact me if you'd like individual pieces.


Red/Black tri-circle crochet necklace

Made with cotton. Strand can be made with adjustable sliding knots for allergies.


Mix and match neckalce

pendants and short strand included . multi colour yarn or cotton


Contrast asymmetrical blue circle crochet necklace

Made with contrasting blue and shade changing orchid cotton with sliding adjustable knots. Can be made with clasp on request


Cotton pendant crochet ring

Comes in red, dark and light blue, black, orchid and brown. Contact me to request colour


Teardrop crochet earring

Comes in blue (pictured), light blue, orchid,brown,red and black - contact me to request colour


Custom design necklace

Provide me with a description of the colours, material and basic design and i will consult with you to create you;re desired necklace. This includes messages photos and design drafts.